Magic Cool MCCF7WI Defrost Chest Freezer User Manual

Learn about the warranty coverage and product usage instructions for the MCCF7WI Defrost Chest Freezer from Magic Cool Products. This limited five-year warranty covers compressor failures and excludes damages not caused by the manufacturer. Proof of purchase is needed for warranty service.

CONSERVATOR GRH1482TW Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator Owner’s Manual

This user manual provides important safety warnings and instructions for the GRH1482TW top mount freezer refrigerator, as well as the GRM1482TW, ERTM180SE, and ERTM180WE models. It includes information on the flammable R600a refrigerant used, proper installation, and precautions to reduce the risk of fire, explosion, and injury. Always consult the user's manual before attempting to service the unit.

BEKO Chest Freezer Instruction Manual

This user manual provides instructions for installing, using, and maintaining the Beko HSA37540N Chest Freezer, which uses environmentally-friendly refrigerant. Learn how to optimize freezer performance, properly store food, and resolve defects. Follow manufacturer instructions for optimal use of this refrigerating appliance.