Philips-Hue-emblemoPhilips Hue A19  Medium Lumen Smart Bulb



  • MARKO: Philips Hue
  • SPECIALA TAJRO: Dimmable
  • WATTAGE: 75-vatoj
  • LUMKOLORO: Hue White
  • UNITONOMBRO: 1.0 Grafo
  • KOLORA TEMPERATURO: 2700 Kelvinoj
  • LUMA FLUXO: 1100 Lumeno
  • Materialo: Sinteza Polimero (PMMA)
  • MODELA NOMO: ‎Philips Hue CFH A19
  • KONEKTEKNOLOGIO: ‎ZigBee, Bluetooth
  • ENDOMA/EKSTERDA UZADO: Ekstera, Endoma
  • TIPO DE REGILILO: Google Asistanto, Amazon Alexa


Give your largest spaces this powerful, intelligent light to go bright. This bulb can subtly brighten living rooms, kitchens, and other spaces with a brightness comparable to a conventional 75-Watt bulb and a 2700 color temperature. It has Features that can be dimmed let you adjust the brightness. Possess our Hue Hub? You may program timers to gradually dim your smart lamps throughout the day.


Plug in your lamps, screw in your bulbs, and turn them on. Consult the instruction booklet that comes with your Hue device if you have questions about installation.


  1. Malfermu la apon Hue.
  2. Frapu la tri punktojn (...) sub la Hejma langeto.Philips-Hue-563007-A19-Medium-Lumen-Smart-Bulb-user-guide-fig-1
  3. Frapu Aldoni lumojn.Philips-Hue-563007-A19-Medium-Lumen-Smart-Bulb-user-guide-fig-2
  4. Klaku Serĉi. Se la Hue-apo ne povas trovi vian lumon, donu la serian numeron de la objekto.Philips-Hue-563007-A19-Medium-Lumen-Smart-Bulb-user-guide-fig-3
  5. Frapu Komencu agordon kiam vi trovis la novan lumon. Viaj novaj lumoj aŭ lumoj nun povas ricevi nomon kaj klasifikon.Philips-Hue-563007-A19-Medium-Lumen-Smart-Bulb-user-guide-fig-4
  6. Kreu novan ĉambron aŭ translokigu la novan(j)n lumon(j) en ekzistantan.
  • The Hue app also offers a second method for adding lights: select the Settings tab, then select Lights before tapping the plus (+) sign.


  1. Make sure your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on.
  2. Launch the Bluetooth Hue app.Philips-Hue-563007-A19-Medium-Lumen-Smart-Bulb-user-guide-fig-5
  3. The addition (+) icon is located in the top right corner of the screen under Settings > Lights.Philips-Hue-563007-A19-Medium-Lumen-Smart-Bulb-user-guide-fig-6
  4. Your lights will be immediately located by the Hue Bluetooth app. The lights will eventually show up on the Home tab.


Can you make it cool white please?

It depends on the model you’re considering. Your query regarding the “White Ambiance” color listing, which CAN be adjusted between warm and cold white, has come to my attention. There is a pretty cool pale “moonlight” mode, they do sunrise and sunset gradients nicely, and if you want you can achieve a spa-like blueish white.

Is it possible to adjust the white temperature of the 1600 lumen white bulb (warm, bright, cold, etc.) or not?

Unfortunately, no. Just gave it a go. If you click my colorful lightbulb, a color wheel appears. This bulb bounces as I click it, making modifications impossible. only illumination. However, if you require brightness, it is quite bright. It’s a cozy, rather warm light.

Do they work with recessed cans?

If it does, which I believe it can, then. Not a pun intended

Can the 1600 lumen bulb be changed to warm yellow instead of white since I have a light sensitivity to white brightness?

I can’t seem to find a way to change the light quality in the Hue app, so I’m going to assume the answer is no.

Can I use this bulb in a three-way lamp?

Yes, it functions in the same way as a one-way bulb. just one of the three rotations. This should make sense, I hope.

How is the “white dimmable only” version rated by critics?

I believe you are inquiring about the brightness. It is not particularly bright at 1100 lumens. 1900 lumens are a great number! The Hue app must be downloaded, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must both be enabled. Will not bond; they are on different WIFI networks. Alexa comes second after connecting with Bluetooth Hue.

What happens when you use a lamp? Can I manually turn it on with the lamp switch if I turn it off with my phone?

The light must constantly be turned on in order for it to communicate with your phone, voice assistant, or Hue switch. The lamp cannot be turned back on by the phone if the power is turned off.

I have successfully utilized 1-way bulbs in 3-way lamps. Can I use this bulb in a three-way lamp?

Yes, it functions in the same way as a one-way bulb. just one of the three rotations. This should make sense, I hope.

Does activating the app require credit card information? Is it secure?

There is always a chance.

When will the model with 1600 Lumens of color be released?

Possible solution: Contact Philips directly.

Does this support 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

I don’t believe so. The majority of smart lights are only made to function with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, a lot of routers are dual band and support the 2.4 GHz frequency.

How is HomeKit connected?

Not rated for HomeKit; only compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled devices.

At five in the morning, I want my lamp to turn on faintly and then gradually brighten. Will that happen without the hub?

Not without the hub, in response.

Is WIFI necessary for setup and basic on/off functionality?

The product utilizes Bluetooth. I don’t think Wi-Fi is at all necessary. You must be linked to the bulb in order to use the remote control. You could, however, manually turn it on and off.

Is it remotely controllable to switch on and off?

Yes. A Phillips “Bridge” connected to your router and personal intranet is required. Then, Alexa commands can be sent over the internet via a phone app.


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