pekatherm UP117 Series Single Non Separable Controller Polyester Under Blanket User Manual
pekatherm UP117 Series Single Non Separable Controller Polyester Under Blanket


Kara kliento,
Dankon pro aĉeto de nia produkto.
Bonvolu legi la sekvajn instrukciojn atente antaŭ la unua uzo kaj konservi ĉi tiun uzantmanlibron por estonta referenco.
Aparte atentu la sekurecajn instrukciojn.
Se vi havas demandojn aŭ komentojn pri la aparato, bonvolu kontakti la klientlinion.


Sekureca Simbolo Please, carefully read the instructions of use
Sekureca Simbolo Do not use when folded or creased
Sekureca Simbolo Do not stick pins, needles, or any other pointed objects
Sekureca Simbolo Never dispose of the product in the rubbish. Take it to a green collection point.


Sekureca Simbolo Hand and machine washable, max 30°C. Gentle cycle
Sekureca Simbolo Lavi manojn nur
Sekureca Simbolo Ne blegu
Sekureca Simbolo Ne tordu
Sekureca Simbolo Ne seka pura
Sekureca Simbolo Ne ŝvelu
Sekureca Simbolo Hang without folding
Sekureca Simbolo Ne ironu

These instructions provide information and advice on installation, use and maintenance of the product.
Read them carefully before using the product to ensure safe and proper use.
Non observance of these instructions can cause personal injuries, as well as product damage or destruction.
Keep these instructions and pass them on with the product if sold or lent to others.


  • After removing the packaging, inspect the product carefully to make sure it has no signs of damage caused during transport.
    In case of any doubt, do not use the product and take it to your dealer or to and authorized service centre.
  • Before plugging in the product in make sure your main’s specifications correspond to those of the product stated on the label sewn into the heating part.
  • If your product has detachable control unit, only use the control unit provided with the product, the reference of which is also stated on the label sewn into the product.
    Do not attempt using control units from other appliances.
  • his product must not be used with sick or disabled persons, with person insensitive to heat or persons with restricted physical, sensory or mental capabilities.
    It also must not be used by children or by people lacking the required experience and knowledge of product operation unless they are properly instructed on how to operate the product safely, or unless the control unit is switched and set by a responsible person. In all circumstances, while using the product, children should always be supervised by and adult to prevent them from playing with it.
  • Do not use the product under the effects of alcohol, sleeping pills or sedatives.
  • Do not use the product on animals.
  • Do not apply the product to any areas of the body where the skin presents scars, wounds, inflammation, or any other alteration due to illness.
    Konsultu vian kuraciston.
  • Ĉi tiu produkto estas desegnita nur por hejma uzo.
    It is no intended for professional applications or medical use in hospitals.
  • The heating under blanket must only be used for warming beds. Make sure your under blanket is totally unfolded and covered with a bed sheet.
    Any other use of the product will be considered hazardous.
    The manufacturer will decline all responsibility for any damage due to improper or incorrect use.
  • Pacemaker users should consult their physician before using the product.
  • Do not use the product folded or creased. Be careful with your under blanket when used on adjustable beds or twin mattresses.
    Do not store the product creased.
  • Do not stick pins, needles, or any other sharp objects into the product.
  • Ne metu pezajn objektojn sur la produkton.
    When your under blankets is switched on, avoid putting heavy objects on the bed.
  • Never bring the product into contact with other sources of heat, such as other heating pads, under blankets, how water bottles, etc.
  • Do not cover the control unit while operating the product, do not place it on the heating element or under it while the unit is in operation.
  • Do no leave the product unattended while in operation.
  • In any case avoid wetting the control unit.
  • Do not touch the control unit with wet hands while the product is plugged in.
  • Do not use the product in excessively humid environments or in environments  where the risk of splashing liquids on it is high (e.g. bathroom, showers, swimming pools).
    In the presence of bottles or glasses with beverages, take care not to splash them on the control unit.
  • Do not expose the product to environmental agents (rain, sun, etc.)
  • Unplug the product from the mains when not in use.
  • Before cleaning the product make sure it is unplugged from the mains.
  • Cleaning instructions are found in a specific section this manual.
  • Protect the power cord from scraping against sharp edges and from coming into contact with very hot objects that could damage it.
  • Do not pull on the power cord or use the heating part itself to pull and unplug the product from the mains.
  • Do not hold the product by the power cord to move or carry it.
  • If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent, or similarly qualified personnel in order to avoid any hazard.
  • Inspect the product frequently for signs of wear or damage. If these signs appear, do not use the product, and take it to an authorized service centre.
  • This product has no parts intended to be repaired or replaced by the user.
    If any part of the product fails, or the product does not perform properly, or there is any other kind of anomaly, do not attempt to repair it and instead take the product to an authorized service centre.
  • The appliance must be returned to the manufacturer or his agent if the fuse of control unit has ruptured.
  • For any further information please consult our customer service.


Remove bedclothes and lay the under blanket directly on the mattress aligning it with the feet edge (see fig. I).
The power cord will come out from the side, approximately at your shoulder level when lying down normally.
Make sure the underblanket has no folds or creases.
Check whether the power cord reaches the nearest mains socket.
If necessary, you can turn the under blanket so that the power cord comes out at the feet side.
Do not fold the underblanket under the mattress.
Lay a bottom bed sheet on the under blanket and proceed to make the bed as usual.
If your under blanket lacks fixing elements, please make sure it does not get moved or creased while in use.
If possible, do not use your under blanket on adjustable beds or on twin mattresses; if this is the case, make sure the heating part and the cower cord do not get nipped or damaged.


  1. Plug the product into the mains socket, making sure your mains’ specifications correspond to those of the product stated on the label.
    For products with detachable control unit, first connect the power cord to the product and then to the mains socket.
    For detachable products, use only the control unit originally provided with the product.
  2. Take the control unit and slide the switch to the desired temperature setting. Immediately the light turns on.
    Since then, the product works normally regulating temperature at the selected level.
    Wait a few minutes, until you feel a pleasant warmth.
  3. To turn off the product, move the slide switch back to the off position.
    The light will then to be turned off.
    When not using the product for a long time, please unplug it from the mains.
  4. Unplug the product and let it cool down before folding it for storage.


Excessive heat continuously applied to the skin may produce skin burns.
The maximum temperatures our products can ever reach are those permitted by the current regulations.
The heating under blankets reach temperatures between 45°C and 55°C.
(Noto: all measures were collected in laboratory conditions with products totally covered, according to procedures described in the EN60335-2-17 Standard).
It usually takes 45 to 60 minutes for the product to reach the maximum temperature.
You can set the control unit at the maximum level to obtain a faster warm up.
Remember, however, that you should not use this setting continuously for more than one hour.
After that time, we recommend that you lower the temperature gradually.
For overnight or continuous use we recommend setting the unit at its lowest level (level I).
Benefits provided by these products have little to do with high temperatures and are based on a consistent, controlled low-level heat.


This product family is specially designed to ensure a smooth low-level heat which, apart from comfort, provides recognized main relieving effects, since it dilates the blood vessels and enables muscular distension.
The control unit was designed and developed together with the heating elements to assure the best performance.


When the product is plugged in, the indicator of the control unit does not light.
Check whether your mains socket has power, check whether the product is plugged in correctly.
Unplug the product and wait a few seconds, then plug it in again and shift the slide switch to the desired temperature setting.

The product does not warm up.
Make sure the product is operating by checking whether the indicator of the control unit is lit.
If needed, shift the slide switch of the control unit to a heating position to switch the product on.
In case of any doubt, reset the product by unplugging it from the mains and plugging it in after a few seconds.
Remember that quick checks carried out with the product uncovered are not reliable.
Try to cover the product with a blanket or a towel and wait at least 30 minutes.
If you still do not perceive heat, take the product to an authorized service centre.


Before cleaning the product remember to unplug it from the mains.
Do not dry clean the product.
Do not use strong detergents or cleaning agents containing solvents.
The control unit is not washable.
Prevent the control unit from getting wet or moist.
The product should not be used in case of wet or damp.
If the product gets wet, do not wring it out to dry it, do not use tumble dryers and never iron or switch the product on to dry it.
To dry the product extend it flat or hang it on a line avoid folding it.
Heating under blankets are washable.
Those models with detachable control unit can be hand or machine washed, after having detached the control unit.
Those with non-detachable control units can only be hand washed, always talking great care not to wet – or splash water on – the control unit.
For machine washing, select a programme for delicate garments, at 30° C.
If hand washed, use a soft detergent and rub or brush softly and always in the direction of the internal wiring.
Never wring the product.
After washing, to dry the product extend it flat or hang it on a line avoid folding it.
For products fitted with a non-detachable control unit, the control unit should be positioned on the clothesline to ensure that water could not enter inside it.


Instruado pri Purigado

To get smaller stains out you may prefer using a cleaning foam instead of washing.
Apply the foam regularly on the product’s surface using a moist cloth or sponge, and then brush it in the direction of the internal wiring.


Let the product cool down before folding it for storage. Store it in a cool dry place.
Avoid excessive folds or creases.
Ne metu pezajn objektojn sur la produkton.
Inspect the product (the control unit, the heating part, and the power cord) frequently for signs of wear, damage, or misuse.
If these signs appear, do not use the product.
Remember this product has no parts intended to be repaired or replaced by the user.
Do not try to carry out repairs and, instead, tame the product to an authorized service centre.
Repairs may only be carried out by our after sales service or at an authorized service centre.
Improper repair may cause considerable danger to the user.
In the event of any doubt, please contact our customer service.


modelo tipo grandeco
materialo Temperaturo
Detirebla potenco
UP105 sola 150 × 80 100%
2 1 1


UP1 05 D 3 icon
UP117 170 × 90 2


UP117D 3 icon
UP205 duoblaj 160 × 140 2 2 2


2 × 60
UP205D - 3 icon
UP210 150 × 160 2 -
UP210D 3 icon

Kondiĉoj pri Garantio

Nova produkto aĉetita en la vendoreto estas garantiita dum 2 jaroj.
Se vi bezonas riparon aŭ aliajn servojn dum la garantia periodo, kontaktu la produktovendiston rekte, vi devas provizi la originalan pruvon de aĉeto kun la dato de aĉeto.
La jenaj estas konsiderataj kiel konflikto kun la garantiaj kondiĉoj, por kiuj la asertata aserto eble ne estas rekonita:

  • Uzi la produkton por iu ajn alia celo ol tiu por kiu la produkto estas celita aŭ malsukcesi sekvi la instrukciojn por prizorgado, operacio kaj servo de la produkto.
  • Damaĝo de la produkto pro natura katastrofo, interveno de nerajtigita persono aŭ meĥanike pro la kulpo de la aĉetanto (ekz., dum transporto, purigado per nekonvenaj rimedoj ktp.).
  • Natura eluziĝo kaj maljuniĝo de konsumeblaj aŭ komponantoj dum uzo (kiel kuirilaroj, ktp.).
  • Eksponiĝo al malfavoraj eksteraj influoj, kiel sunlumo kaj alia radiado aŭ elektromagnetaj kampoj, fluida entrudiĝo, objektentrudiĝo, ĉefkonduktiloj supervoltage, elektrostatika malŝarĝo voltage (inkluzive de fulmo), misa provizo aŭ enigo voltage kaj netaŭga poluseco de ĉi tiu voltage, kemiaj procezoj kiel uzataj elektroprovizoj, ktp.
  • Se iu faris modifojn, modifojn, ŝanĝojn al la dezajno aŭ adapto por ŝanĝi aŭ etendi la funkciojn de la produkto kompare kun la aĉetita dezajno aŭ uzo de ne-originalaj komponantoj.


Ikono de rubujoĈi tiu produkto ne devas esti forigita kiel normala hejma rubo konforme al la EU-Directivo pri Malŝparo de Elektraj kaj Elektronikaj Ekipaĵoj (WEEE - 2012/19 / EU).
Anstataŭe, ĝi devas esti resendita al la aĉetloko aŭ transdonita al publika kolektejo por la reciklebla rubo.
Certigante, ke ĉi tiu produkto estas ĝuste forigita, vi helpos malhelpi eblajn negativajn sekvojn por la medio kaj homa sano, kiuj alie povus esti kaŭzitaj de netaŭga malŝparo manipulado de ĉi tiu produkto. Kontaktu vian lokan aŭtoritaton aŭ la plej proksiman kolektejon por pliaj detaloj.
Nedeca forigo de ĉi tiu speco de rubo povas rezultigi monpunojn konforme al naciaj regularoj.

+ 44 (0) 203 514 4411
Importisto: as, Jankovcova 1522/53, Holešovice, 170 00 Prago 7,


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