Nakamichi SB92SS Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 eARC Dolby Atmos Soundbar


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Use the HDMI 2.1 High Speed Cable (included) for best audio and video quality



Use our “Perfect Device Matchina Tool“: to create a custom setup guide based on your T’Vand devices. Scan QR code or visit



GRAVA, Before connecting your new soundbar. disconnect all cables, unplug TV and all source devices from the AC wall socket for 5 minutes. This way, a new HDMI handshake can be established between all devices for best performance



Use the ALL CH STEREO or SURROUND button to toggle between the various surround modes for your desired experience


The wireless connection between the soundbar and subwoofer[s) + rear speakers should be seamless. In rare instances, if you hear any interference’ from your subwoofer[s] or surround speakers, we have an instant fix in this video for you.


When there is a wireless device using the same frequency (5.8Ghz] near to your Shockwafe soundbar, (e.g your home, or a neighbors Wi-Fi router]. the wireless connection between Subwoofer and Surround Speakers could become unstable, causing unsatisfactory audio pertormance. This can be easily resolved by changing your soundbar’s wireless channel:

  1. Press SETUP button on the remote once which sound bar LED displays “Wl AUTO”
  2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT arrow to change the frequency channel”
  3. Press ENTER button on the remote


  1. The default channel “WL AUTO” is optimized for avoiding wireless interference from external devices. If there is no audio popping/ crackling/ cut out from subwoofer[s] or surround speakers, it is recommended to stay on the default channel.
  2. WL Cl -WL C6 are available for selection. Use any channel that enables optimal sound quality.
  3. Scan the QR code to see a list of high interference potential materials.

If you still experience issues after the above steps, scan the QR code above or visit:–subwoafers-audio-distortion.

Speaker / Subwoofer drivers and components are rarely defective. If you hear any crackling, cut out. distortion or anything that resembles a defective speaker. it is most likely caused by the wireless transmission between the soundbar. the subwoofer[sl and surrounds.


    Rekomendita lokado de laŭtparoliloj kun optimuma distanco. Fakta distanco povas varii laŭ ĉambra aranĝo.Nakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-9
    La malsupra laŭtparolilo de la ĉirkaŭaj laŭtparoliloj devus esti ĉe orelnivelo por optimuma rendimento.
      Far morn surround speaker placement options. visit
      Dipole Setup: Refer to user manual [Pg 9] far haw to attach the surround speakers together. Flip the switch at the back of the Surround Back speakers from 9.2CH to DIPOLE.Nakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-11NOTO: Illustration is not to scale. Speaker stands are not included.
    Connect surround speakers to subwoofer back panel ports.Nakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-12
  4. ŜALĈU VIA TELEVIDO & SONDISTO Nakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-13Palpebrumante Blua Lumo
    Subwoofer is on standby mode
    Rapid Blinking Blue Light
    Subwoofer is on pairing mode
    Solida Blua Lumo:
    Subwoofer sukcese pariĝisNakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-14noto: Once soundbar is powered off. the subwoofer will go into standby mode. The blinking blue Ught behind the sub will tum off after 10 minutes. There is no need to power off each sub manually
  5. LIGANTE AL VIA TELEVIDONakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-15
    To ensure device stability. perfonn an HDMI connection refresh between all devices:
    1. While all devices are on. disconnect all HDMI cables connected to TV and existing sound system
    2. Malŝaltu televidilon kaj ĉiujn fontajn aparatojn
    3. Malkonektu ĉiujn aparatojn de la AC-elirejoj
    4. Watt for 5 minutes before plugging IV, new Shockwafe sound bar and source devices back to the AC outlets
    5. Power ON the sound bar, TV and all source devices
    6. While they are on. connect the TV and soundbar via HDMI ARC feARC. To find the optimal CEC settings for your TV.please scan the QR code below or visit the link: Nakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-16
    7. Once the HDMI CEC connection is established between your TV and sound bar. connect the source devices one at a time. Use the Perteet Device Matching Tool on top of this page to create a customized setup guide based on your devices
      noto: HDMI CEC can only be enabled if your IV has a HDMI input labeled HDMI ARC/ eARC.
  7. LISTENING TD YOUR SOUNDBARNakamichi-SB92SS-Shockwafe-Ultra-9-2-4-eARC-Dolby-Atmos-Soundbar-FIG-17


HDMI ARC/ eARC – No Sound or Video,
Performing a Soundbar Soft Reset can restore the sound bar settings back to factory default and refresh H DMI settings. If your TV’s connected to another sound system via HDMI previously, perform a Soundbar & TY Hard Reset +HOM/Connection Refresh to establish a new HDMI handshake.

Soundbar Soft Reset

  1. Premu la butonon AJRO plurfoje por trovi la funkcion RESET
  2. Premu la butonon ENTER por elekti la funkcion
  3. Premu ENTER-butonon denove por konfirmi RESET-funkcion
  4. The soundbar will restart automatically to complete the reset sequence. [“HELLO” appears on soundbar LED and it will be back to ARC / EARC mode by default]

Soundbar & TY Hard Reset+ HOM/ Connection Refresh

  1. Dum ĉiuj fontaparatoj estas ŝaltitaj, malkonektu ĉiujn HDMI-kablojn konektitajn al televidilo kaj sondrinkejo same kiel televidilo al sondrinkejo.
  2. Power OFF TV, sound bar and all source devices
  3. Malkonektu ĉiujn aparatojn de la AC-elirejoj
  4. Atendu 5 minutojn antaŭ ol konekti la televidilon, sondrinkejon kaj fontajn aparatojn reen al la AC-elirejoj
  5. Power ON the sound bar, TV and all source devices
  6. While they are on. connect the TV and soundbar via HDMI ARC/ eARC. Once the connection is established, connect other source devices one at a time. Use Perfect Device Matching Tool on top of this page to create a customized setup guide based on your source devices

Soundbar lrrtermittent Cut Out or No Sound
Perform a soft reset on the sound bar with the following steps:

  1. Premu la butonon SETUP
  2. Toggle and select “RESEr
  3. Premu la butonon ENTER
  4. Malkonektu la fontan aparaton kiu havas problemojn de la sondrinkejo aŭ televido. Malŝaltu la fontan aparaton de la AC-elirejo dum 5 minutoj antaŭ reŝalti ĝin
  5. While the source device is on. connect it to the soundbar or TV. Use Perfect Device Matching Tool on top of this page to create a customized setup guide based on your device
  6. Get the best pertormance using the recommended AUDIO’ VIDED” settings using the links below: ‘ For audio settings, visit: billy/audio-settings ” For video settings

No Sound from Surround Speakers
Press the “ALL CH STEREO” 01 “SURROUND” buttons on the remote to enable Dolby Surround, Dolby Upmix or All Channel Stereo to get sound from all speakers

Low Volume from Surround Speakers
Press the “ALL CH STEREO” button on the remote to enable All Channel Stereo for maximum surround speakers output. Best for You Tube™, music and select video content.

No Sound on HDMI or Optical Inputs

  1. Press the DEMO button on the soundbar to run through an audio channel test. If DEMO is working properly, pertorm a soft reset [See Al.
  2. Ensure that AUDIO+ VIDEO settings on all devices are setup correctly. For audio settings, visit: For video settings: visit: billy/video-settings

No Sound on Bluetooth

  1. If your Bluetooth device was previously paired with another BT enabled device, make sure the other device is powered off or disconnected.
  2. Hard reset the devices with the following steps:
    1. a] Unplug the sound bar from the wall for 1 minute and power it back on
    2. b] Turn off your phone and turn it back on
    3. c] After the reset, keep your soundbar off and turn on the pairing mode on y our phone first
    4. d] Then, tum on the soundbar and press the BT button on the remote If you are still having trouble finding the device, toggle between Airplane mode on/off.
  3. Delete a device from a phone and rediscover it. If your phone sees a device but isn’t receiving data from it, sometimes it helps to start from scratch.
    1. In iOS settings, you can remove a device by tapping on its name and then “Forget this Device”.
    2. In Android settings, tap on a device’s name. then “Unpair”. After removing a device, start to pair again.

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Nakamichi SB92SS Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 eARC Dolby Atmos Soundbar [pdf] Uzantgvidilo
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