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Giganta Piano Mat

N-GEAR Giant Piano Mat
The N-GEAR Giant Piano Mat is huge, foldable and loads of fun! Easy to store and carry, with 24 N-GEAR Coloured Keys, you’ll be playing like a pro in seconds!

Produkta Enhavo:

On our giant piano mat there are 24 Coloured Keys, 10 Easy Play songs and some great functions!


  • Before you can use the piano mat you’ll need to insert 3 AA batteries. All you need for this is a screwdriver, the compartment is on the back of the sound module, simply unscrew and insert the batteries.
  • All you need to do after this is turn the Mat on! Simply slide the switch to “ON” position and the product and you’ll hear the N-GEAR Colours Jingle!

There are 6 awesome features you need to know about.

  1. Sonoj:
    To start with you’ll want to select which instrument you’re playing on, the pictures match the instrument. By pressing the guitar image, you’ll be playing with guitar sounds, if you press the piano image, you’ll be playing with piano sounds! It’s the same for all the instruments.
  2. Playing Like a Pro: 
    You have 10 songs on the 5 cards. You will be able to play them in no time at all, simply follow the colours and numbers and you’ll sound like a pro in seconds!
  3. Volumo:
    It’s super simple to change the volume, simply press either the up or down arrow to increase or decrease the volume.
  4. Record and Play Back modes:
    This is a lot of fun!
    a. To start this you’ll need to press the Record button.
    b. Once you’ve done this, you can record up to 80 notes! Be careful though, you can only keep one recording at a time, so the next time you press the button the previous recording is deleted.
    c. To hear your recording, just press the Play Back button. Super Simple!
  5. Demo-reĝimo:
    a. To start this you’ll need to press the Demo button. The demo songs are the same as the ones on the cards we include!
    b. You can select the songs by pressing the accidentals (These are what the smaller, black keys with a little bit of colour at the top are called).
    c. You can either just listen to the songs, or play along with them!
  6. Potenca ŝparanto
    To save your batteries, if you don’t use the piano mat for 3 minutes it’ll go to sleep! All you need to do is press any key and it’ll wake up and is ready to go.

Cautions and Important Info:

  1. The Piano Mat is for children aged 3+ and adult supervision is required at all times.
  2. Do not mix old and new batteries. If you do not use the product for a long time, please take out the batteries.
    Pli bona sekura ol bedaŭrinda!
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