Honeywell CT87A, B, J Round Thermostat User Manual

Verify that you have the correct thermostat

Using the compatibility chart below, verify that you purchased the correct CT87 thermostat for your heating/cooling system. If you are unsure which model is right for your system, visit aŭ voku Honeywell Customer Care ĉe 1-800-468-1502.


Heating/Cooling system

Kongrua kun:
CT87A CT878 CT87J
Nur hejtado: Gas or oil fueled warm air, steam, or hot water heat Jes Jes Ne
Cooling only: Electric air conditioning Jes * Jes Jes
Hejtado kaj malvarmigo: Gas or oil fueled warm air, steam, or hot water heat with electric air conditioning Ne Jes Ne
Unuopaĵoj stage varmo-pumpilo: Outdoor heating/cooling unit (compressor) with no auxiliary or backup heat. Ne Ne Jes
Electric heat furnace with or without cooling: Ne Ne Jes
Electric baseboard: Electric heating strips located just above the floor, usually 120-240 volts Ne Ne Ne
Multistage: A conventional system with more than one stage, or an outdoor heating/cooling unit (compressor) with auxiliary or backup heat. Ne Ne Ne

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Preparu instaladon

  1. Carefully unpack your new thermostat; rough handling may affect its accuracy. Save your receipt and identify the following parts
    • CT87 Thermostat
    • Screws: two 1-in. sheet metal screws, two 1/2-in. binding head screws, and two 1/4 in. round head screws
    • Wallplate (CT87A) or subbase (CT87B, CT87J)
    • Cover ring (select models only). Necessary if installed on an outlet box. Optional if installed directly on the wall; can be used to hide wall marks.
    • These Installation Instructions and the Installation Quick Guide.
    • Elektronaj etikedoj
  2. Gather these tools:
Bezonataj Iloj Laŭvolaj Iloj
•    Flat blade screwdriver

•    Spirit level

•    Hand or power drill with 1/16-in. drill bit

•    Wire cutter/stripper or sharp knife

•    Pencil

Forigu la malnovan termostaton

  1.  Turn off power to the heating/cooling system at the main fuse/circuit breaker panel.
  2.  Remove the cover of your old thermostat. You may need to unscrew the cover if it is locked on.
  3.  Locate the heat anticipator adjustment scale and lever on the old thermostat (Fig. 1).Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-1
  4. Unscrew and remove the old thermostat wallplate from the wall, but do not disconnect the wires.
  5. Label the wires using the wiring labels that came with the CT87. Identify each wire using the letter of the terminal on the old thermostat (Fig. 2). Do not label the wires by color.
  6. Disconnect the wires from the old thermostat and wrap them around a pencil to keep them from falling back into the wall (Fig. 3).Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-2

If this thermostat is replacing a control that contains mercury in a sealed tube, do not place your old control in the trash. Contact your local waste management authority for instructions regarding recycling and the proper disposal of this control, or of an old control containing mercury in a sealed tube.Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-3

Install the cover ring and wallplate or sub base
If installed on the wall
Refer to Fig. 4 as you work. Fig. 4. Installing wallplate/subbase on the wall (wallplate shown).Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-4

  1. If using the cover ring: Position the cover ring against the wall so that the arrow in the middle of the cover ring is pointing up.
  2. Position the wallplate or subbase.
    • If using a cover ring: Place the wallplate/subbase over the cover ring. Rotate the wallplate/subbase until the wiring openings are aligned and the two screw holes on the left and right side of the wallplate/subbase align with the screw holes on the cover ring. You will be inserting screws through these holes into the wall.
    • If attaching the wallplate directly to the wall: Position it so that the UP indicator on the wallplate is on top.
    • If attaching the subbase directly to the wall: Position it so that the fan and heating/cooling switches are on the top.
  3. Use a pencil to mark the center of the screw holes on the left and right sides of the wallplate or subbase.
  4. Remove the wallplate/subbase and cover ring, and drill two 1/16 in. holes at the locations you marked.
  5. Reposition the cover ring (if used) and wallplate/subbase over the holes, pull the wires through the wiring opening, and loosely insert the two 1-in. screws into the drilled holes.
If installing on an outlet box
Refer to Fig. 5 as you work.
Fig. 5. Installing wallplate/subbase on an outlet box (subbase shown). Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-5
  1. Place the cover ring against the outlet box so that the arrow in the middle of the cover ring is pointing up.
  2. Pull the wires through the wiring hole on the bottom left side of the cover ring.
  3. Align the screw slots on the cover ring with the outlet box screw holes, and attach the cover ring to the outlet box with two 1/2-in. screws.
  4. Place the wallplate or subbase over the cover ring so that the wiring holes line up, and pull the wires through.
  5. Loosely attach the wallplate/subbase to the cover ring with two 1/4-in. screws, through the screw holes on the left and right sides of the wallplate/subbase.

Level the wallplate or subbase
GRAVA: The wallplate/subbase must be level to maintain accurate thermostat temperature.

  1. Rotate the wallplate/subbase until level as shown in Fig. 6. To level the subbase, use the leveling posts directly below the Heat and Fan indicators.Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-6
  2. Tighten the mounting screws after making sure that the wallplate or subbase is level.

Kabligu la termostaton

  1. Use the wiring cross-reference table below to match each old thermostat wire with its corresponding terminal on the CT87 wallplate or subbase. See Fig. 8 through 13 wiring diagrams.
Wiring Cross-reference

Drato Etikedo

Connect to CT87A Connect to CT878 Connect to CT87J
R, RH, 4, V R RH R
Rc, R   Rc  
W, W1, H W W W
Y, Y1, M Y Y Y
G, F   G G
B Vidu Fig. 9   B*
O     O*
Vidu Fig. 13     P

Never attach wires to both the B and O terminals. Strip the wire insulation as needed to fit the wires underneath the terminal screws (Fig. 7).


Loosen the terminal screws and slip each wire beneath its matching terminal. Securely tighten the terminal screws. Push any excess wire back into the wall.


Fig. 11. CT87B for a 5-wire heating/cooling system


Muntu la termostaton

  1. Pull off the thermostat cover and discard the red plastic insert that holds the mercury switch in place during shipping.
  2. Using a pencil point, slide the heat anticipator indicator to 1.2 on the scale as shown in Fig. 14.

GRAVA: This prevents the thermostat from being damaged.Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-10

Place the thermostat over the wallplate or subbase so that the three captive mounting screws align with the three raised screw holes o the wallplate/subbase.
Tighten the three captive mounting screws as shown in Fig. 15.
NOTO: These screws complete the installation of the thermostat.Honeywell-CT87A,B,J-Round-Thermostat-User-Manual-fig-11

Set the heat anticipator for your system
GRAVA: Agordi la varman antaŭvidilon permesas al la termostato teni precizan temperaturan kontrolon.

  1. Using a pencil point, move the heat anticipator pointer to the number that you recorded in Step 3, sub-step 3. If you could not find the anticipator setting on the old thermostat, use the setting for your type of system shown in the table below.
Your heating system: Heat anticipator setting:
vaporo 1.2
Hot water heat 0.8
High-efficiency warm air 0.8
Standard warm air 0.4
Elektra varmo 0.3
Snap on the thermostat cover

NOTO: If the furnace stays on beyond the thermostat set temperature, move the anticipator pointer down by . If the furnace shuts off before the set teCheck heating/cooling operation

Check heating/cooling operation
Check to heat

  1.  Turn the transparent dial to the farthest point left.
  2. If your CT87 has a subbase, set the system switch to Heat.
  3. Turn the dial until the temperature on the setting scale (Fig. 16) exceeds the room temperature that is shown on the thermometer. The heating system should start.
  4. Turn the dial until the temperature on the setting scale is below the room temperature that is shown on the thermometer. The heating system should stop.

Check to cool
GRAVA: To avoid damaging the compressor in the air conditioner, do not operate the cooling system when the outdoor temperature is below 50°F (10°C).

  1.  If your CT87 has a subbase, set the System switch on the left to Cool.
    GRAVA: After heating is tested, wait five minutes before switching to Cool on the CT87J model.
  2. Lower the temperature setting below room temperature. The cooling system should start.
  3.  Raise the temperature setting above room temperature. The cooling system should stop.


To set the temperature, turn the dial until the pointer on the top setting scale aligns with the desired temperature.
CT87B, J switches

ŝaltilo fikso rezulto
sistemo malvarmeta The thermostat controls your cooling system.
off Ambaŭ la hejtado kaj malvarmigo sistemoj estas malŝaltitaj.
varmo La termostato regas vian hejtsistemon.
fano On La ventumilo funkcias senĉese.
Aŭto The fan runs only with the heating or cooling system.

Limigita Unujara Garantio

Honeywell warrants this product, excluding battery, to be free from defects in the workmanship or materials, under normal use and service, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the consumer. If, at any time during the warranty period, the product is defective or malfunctions, Honeywell shall repair or replace it (at the Honeywell option) within a reasonable period of time. If the product is defective,

  •  return it, with a bill of sale or other dated proof of purchase, to the retailer where you purchased it, or
  • paku ĝin zorge, kune kun pruvo de aĉeto (inkluzive de dato de aĉeto) kaj mallonga priskribo de la misfunkciado, kaj poŝtu ĝin, postagkaj antaŭpagita, al la sekva adreso:
    • Honeywell Inc. Usono
    • Dock 4  MN10-3860
    • 1985 Douglas Drive Norda Ora Valo, MN 55422-3992
    • Honeywell Canada: Honeywell Limited/Honeywell Limitée 35 Dynamic Drive Scarborough, Ontario M1V 4Z9

Ĉi tiu garantio ne kovras forigon aŭ reinstalajn kostojn. Ĉi tiu garantio ne validas se Honeywell montras, ke la difekto aŭ misfunkcio estis kaŭzita de damaĝo, kiu okazis dum la produkto estis en la posedo de konsumanto. La sola respondeco de Honeywell devas ripari aŭ anstataŭigi la produkton laŭ la terminoj supre deklaritaj. HONEYWELL NE RESPONDOS PRI IUJ PERDO AŬ DIFAMATO DE IUJ TIPO, INKLUDE AJN ĈAJN AJN AŬ KONSEKVAJ DAMAĜOJ RESULTANTA, REKTE AŬ NEREKTE, EL IUJ ROMPO DE IUJ AJN GARANTIO, ESPLIMITA AŬ IMPLITA, AŬ IUJ ALIA MALASKO DE PRODUCTO. Iuj ŝtatoj ne permesas la ekskludon aŭ limigon de hazardaj aŭ konsekvencaj damaĝoj, do ĉi tiu limigo eble ne aplikiĝas al vi.

ĈI TIU GARANTIO ESTAS LA NUR ESPRESA GARANTIO, KIEL HONEYWELL FARAS ĈI TIU PRODUKTO. LA DURO DE IUJ IMPLIKAJ GARANTIOJ, INKLUZIVE DE LA GARANTIOJ DE VENDEJO KAJ TA FGECO POR PARTICULA CELO, TIEL LIMIĜAS AL LA UNUARA DURADO DE ĈI TIU GARANTIO. Iuj ŝtatoj ne permesas limojn, kiom longe daŭras implicita garantio, do la supra limigo eble ne validas por vi. Ĉi tiu garantio donas al vi specifajn leĝajn rajtojn, kaj vi eble havas aliajn rajtojn, kiuj varias de ŝtato al ŝtato.
If you have any questions concerning this warranty, please write Honeywell Customer Care, Honeywell Inc., 1985 Douglas Dr. N., Golden Valley, MN 55422-3992, or call 1-800-468-1502. In Canada, write Retail Products ON15, Honeywell Limited/Honeywell Limitée, 35 Dynamic Drive, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 4Z9.

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