Glamore Portebla Aera Kompresoro por Aŭtaj ​​Pneŭoj



  • marko Glamore
  • Item Pezo 2 funtoj
  • Produktaj Dimensioj 10.1 x 6.1 x 3.1 coloj
  • Bulbo-Tipo LED
  • Specialaj Ĉefaĵoj ‎MAX 150PSI Working Pressure, Preset Desired Tire Pressure and Auto Shut Off, Air Compressor Pump for Cars, Bikes, Balls, etc, Digital Pressure Gauge Display, Built in LED Flashlight, 9.18Ft (2.8 meters) Long Power Cord
  • voltage12-Voltoj
  • Vattage 120 vatoj

Kio Enhavas

  • Portebla Aerkunpremilo

Kiel Uzi

  1. Komencu la aŭton
  2. Plug the power cable into a vehicle with a 12V cigarette lighter
  3. Press the “R” button to select the unit and the “+”, and “-” button to preset the target pressure value
  4. Place the inflatable device’s inflatable nozzle onto the tyre air valve.
  5. To activate, press the start button.
  6. Your automobile is prepared to move.



The purpose of the rear vent is to lessen air compressor heat.


Priskribo de la produkto

It weighs about 2 lb and is a very safe small portable air compressor that you can carry. strong quality that is well-made. The power cord is approximately 9.18 feet long, and the air hose is roughly 1.9 feet long. I can simply use it for both the front and back four tires. I may set the required tire pressure using the digital tire pressure gauge display. Connect straight to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. Overall, it’s a portable air compressor that is very safe and well-designed for use with inflatables such as sports balls, balloons, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and other compatible vehicles. Moreover, it contains built-in LED spotlights for useful nighttime purposes. A back vent on the tire pump is intended to lessen air compressor heat.


  • Quick and precise tire inflation
    The 12V DC portable air compressor incorporates an easy-to-read digital gauge display panel. Connect directly to your car’s DC12V cigarette lighter socket. A tire pump with a 120W high-power motor provides rapid inflation. Current tire pressure is shown in real-time. When the desired set tire pressure is reached, it will automatically switch off.
  • A versatile air pump
    Inflatable adapters (3 extra nozzles) and a 9.18-foot (2.8-meter) power cord are included with the portable compressor pump to make it easy to connect it to your front and rear wheels. Ideal air compressor pump for vehicles such as automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, sports balls, balloons, and other appropriate inflatables. Pools and SUPs are examples of high-pressure or huge-volume items that the pump DOES NOT SUPPORT. Supports Truck Tires NOT.
  • Tire pressure gauge that is simple to use
    The digital tire pressure gauge display panel on the tire inflator is accurate and bright, making it easy for you to set the tire pressure. Press + or – to increase or decrease numbers, and press R to move between PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM units. activate the car air pump Several seconds after the value figure stops flickering, press the Start Button to begin operation. Please be aware that the longest period of continuous inflation is 10 minutes. Don’t use it again until it has cooled off.
  • Luminous LED Light
    The portable 12V DC air pump for automobile tires has a built-in LED light that is bright and durable and makes it easy to use at night. You can be seen in the dark thanks to the LED light, helping you to operate safely. A back vent on the tire pump is intended to lessen air compressor heat. Before putting the hose cord back in the storage container, allow it to cool.


How many times can I use it?

Ĝis 30 fojoj

Ĉu ĝi estas facile funkcii?


Can I use it for my bike tires?

Jes vi povas.

What is the maximum pressure of this air compressor?

150 psi

Kiom da potenco ĝi konsumas?

12V DC 120Watts

Can you use a wall outlet to plug in this portable air compressor pump? What’s up?

No, it’s a tire inflator with a DC12V portable air compressor. For it to operate, you must plug it into the cigarette lighter port on your automobile. Very well done

Does the automobile need to be moving for the tire pump to charge?

Yes, you must first start the vehicle, put the device into the cigarette lighter socket, attach it to the tire, set the desired tire pressure, and then wait until the pressure number has stopped flashing before turning on the power start button, which will fill the tire to the specified PSI.

Does the portable air inflator tire pump still require a pressure gauge?

No, a pressure gauge is not necessary for the portable air compressor. On the front is a digital pressure gauge display. The tire pressure can be adjusted as necessary. At the desired set PSI, it automatically stops. The tire pump IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR THINGS LIKE POOLS AND SUPS THAT NEED HIGH PRESSURE OR BIG VACUUM. Supports Truck Tires NOT.

How long does it take for a portable air compressor to fill a tire?

It takes roughly 20 to 30 seconds to pump your tires if they are 5 to 6 PSI underinflated. Depending on the size of the inflator or air compressor you’re using, it could take three to five minutes to fully inflate a tire.

How do I choose an air compressor for my car tires?

In air compressors, pressure, and speed are typically equal. The inflator can fill a tire more quickly the higher the pressure it is capable of producing. Look for a compressor with at least 100 PSI if money is limited. It will fill up more quickly, though, with a 150 PSI air compressor.

Are portable air compressors any good?

The cleaning of cars, carpets, and upholstery is superbly accomplished using portable air compressors. They work well for inflated tires, sporting goods, and water toys. A portable compressor is quite handy and may be kept in a closet or under a bed thanks to its small size.

How does a portable air compressor work?

When atmospheric air is compressed, potential energy is created that can be stored in a tank for later use. When the compressed air is purposefully released, pressure builds up similar to an open balloon, transforming the potential energy into useful kinetic energy.

What is a portable air compressor used for in a car?

A flat tire might result in a significant roadside problem because it is the only point of contact between your vehicle and the pavement. Use your portable air compressor to check that your tires are inflated to the factory-recommended level to help keep your tires in top driving condition.

Is it safe to use a tire inflator in car?

In actuality, the auto cut-off feature is included on practically all automobile tire inflators. That implies that once the desired tire pressure is reached, an inflator will automatically stop pumping air into your tire. This makes using your car’s tire inflator risk-free for everyone.

When should you use a tire inflator?

When you get a flat, using a tire inflate is the most obvious use. A tire inflator will frequently keep you moving if the tire can still hold air until you can get a repair or new tire. In addition, a pressure warning light will turn on in many autos.


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