anko 43161973 Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale



Thank you for purchasing our smart body fat scales. Please read and keep the instruction manual for future reference.


  1. People with the following conditions should not use this device:
    1. Gravedaj Virinoj
    2. Tiuj kun simptomoj de edemo
    3. Tiuj sur dializotraktado
    4. Those who use heart pacemakers or other implantable devices
  2. Keep area free of water to reduce slip hazards.
  3. Children under 10, adults over 70 and body building athletes may show deviation therefore the scale should only be used in weighing mode.
  4. La grasa procentotage and hydration content evaluation by the Smart Body Fat scale is only for reference and not for medical purposes. If the readings are higher or lower than normal and you are worried, consult your doctor for more advice.


  1. Scales are to be used on a solid, flat surface.
  2. The scales are designed to allow auto step on, ignore the first reading. Correct readings are from 2nd weighing.
  3. Weighing should be done in bare feet.
  4. Step on the weighing platform gently, do not kick or drop the scales.
  5. For consistency, weigh at the same time each day.
  6. Keep away from strong electromagnetic fields.
  7. Measuring after intensive exercise, excessive dieting and when dehydrated can give incorect readings
  8. If scales fail to start, check battery and replace if required.


  • Bluetooth sendrata teknologio
  • Connect with different smart devices.
  • Aŭtomata funkcio
  • Malalta baterio kaj troŝarĝa indikilo
  • High precision readings
  • Records body weight, fat, hydration, muscle and bone percentages and suggests calorie intake.



Noto: Remove batteries when not using for extended periods of time.


Remove shoes and socks before weighing and ensure that feet are in contact with electrodes on scale.anko-43161973-Bluetooth-Body-Analysis-Scale-FIG-2

  1. Open App and ensure that Bluetooth is on, step on the scale.
  2. Weight is shown on both scale and app. After several seconds, the app will show body fat, hydration, bone and kcal.
  3. Data will be saved.


  1. Install batteries and place scale on a hard, flat floor. Do not use on carpet or mats.
  2. Step on scale to turn on, weight reading will appear on display and will flash after weight has stabilized.


  • Install battery and place the scale on flat floor. To make sure accuracy place the scale on a hard, flat floor and avoid carpet and soft surface.
  • Step on scale slightly (Auto-on) for a while, wait for weight reading display(as shown above)
  • Reading result will flash after weight stabilized.

WEIGHT UNITanko-43161973-Bluetooth-Body-Analysis-Scale-FIG-4

  • The scale can display metric unit.
  • The switch is located on the back of the scale.

A AUTTOMATA ŜALTOanko-43161973-Bluetooth-Body-Analysis-Scale-FIG-5

  • The scales will automatically switch off.




  1. Evitu ekstreman temperaturon
  2. Use on an even hard floor
  3. Do not drop or kick scales as they can break
  4. Ne uzu abraziajn purigilojn


  1. Get the application
    • Scan the QR code on the right side to obtain the App.
    • At the “App Store” or “Google Play’, search keyword “BodyMonitor ” to download our application.
  2. Bluetooth-agordoj
    • Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on before use
    • If not enabled, please go to the “Seting< Bluetooth” menu to turn it on.
    • Press the scale platform to turn on.
  3. Kreu novan uzanton
    • Click the “BodyMonitor” icon, you will enter the “user settings”.
    • Complete the information to enter the weighing interface.
  4. How To Use The Scale With Application
    • Press scale to turn it on b. Open App and make sure the on main interface is blue, which means scales connect the App.
    • Connect to the smartphone to transfer user’s information to scale.
    • Paŝu sur la skalon.
    • Weight will be showed on the scale and App. After several seconds, body fat, hydration, muscles, bone percentage, and kcal suggestion will be showed following upon weight measurement.
    • Vi povas review the history, add new users and set reminders for your weighing habit.

Oftaj Demandoj

The software doesn’t obtain reading from the scale

  • Check the connection with app
  • Check Bluetooth is switched on. Switch on and off, bridge the Bluetooth connection between scale and smartphone again
  • Kontrolu la staton de baterio
  • Relaunch application

Failure to connect to the device

  • Ensure only one device is connecting to the smart scale
  • Make sure the device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

LCD shows no response

  • Kontrolu la staton de baterio

NOTO: Repairs should not be carried out by unauthorized people.

The product picture is indicative only. Appearance specifications please in kind prevails.


anko 43161973 Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale [pdf] Instrukcia Manlibro
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